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Small Business Stories

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2.05: Nick Wester of Find Fakes

Nick was working as a manager for a successful corporation in China. In case you've not heard, China has a reputation for pollution (sorry China, but you can be kind of gross in that way). Unfortunately, Nick's son started having some health complications as a result of pollution and so his family decided it was time to go. He used his savings to move back to the US and started a business of his own. A few months later he was down to his last $3,000 and contemplated giving up the business and taking a job he was offered. Instead, he put in even more work to making his business succeed. Six months in, he broke even and determined that his business could make it.

2.04: Davis Smith of Cotopaxi

Davis Smith is the founder of Cotopaxi, which makes "Gear for Good." Cotopaxi is a certified Benefit Corporation that is seeking to produce awesome gear while striving to alleviate poverty. Davis has started multiple businesses from an idea to a reality. Also you can win a backpack from Cotopaxi!

2.03: Jake Fackrell of Landvoice

Landvoice by Domega provides sales leads to various industries--with an emphasis in real estate--by aggregating information scattered throughout the web and packaging it into useful and digestible formats. Jake started as an employee of Landvoice. When customers started asking for certain services which Landvoice didn't want to provide, Jake started his own successful business. Jake's story came full circle when he purchased Landvoice.

2.02: Spencer Quinn of Fiber Fix

Spencer was studying at BYU to become a doctor but the entrepreneurial bug got to him. In the summer of 2012, Spencer and his cousin met a doctor who repaired an ATV with medical casting tape. This gave them the idea that they could make a repair wrap. That fall, they used $500 raised from family and friends to create some packaging and participate in a local trade show to exhibit their product. That experience taught them that they were on the right track. Spencer Quinn appeared on Shark Tank in 2014 and FiberFix has been off to the races.

2.01: Small Business Stories Relaunch

It's been a while but I'm happy to announce that I'm bringing the show back. In this episode, I talk about where I've been and my plans for the future. I also ask myself the same questions I ask my guests--how I got started, challenges I've faced, and successes.

5 Marketing Psychology Tips No One Understands But You Can Use Anyway

These are 5 marketing tips I learned from a webinar on advanced customer acquisition by Neil Patel. The 5 tips I share are designed to get more people to self-identify as candidates for your program or product. I'm using them on my website now! Take a look and see what you think!

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