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ANNOUNCEMENT: Small Business Stories is Coming Back! Thanksgiving 2016. Learn More.


Small Business Stories Relaunch -- Leland Faux

2.01: Small Business Stories Relaunch

It's been a while but I'm happy to announce that I'm bringing the show back. In this episode, I talk about where I've been and my plans for the future. I also ask myself the same questions I ask my guests--how I got started, challenges I've faced, and successes.


5 Marketing Psychology Tips No One Understands But You Can Use Anyway

These are 5 marketing tips I learned from a webinar on advanced customer acquisition by Neil Patel. The 5 tips I share are designed to get more people to self-identify as candidates for your program or product. I'm using them on my website now! Take a look and see what you think!


You won’t believe what I have planned for the next year … #4 will blow your mind and #6 will leave you flabbergasted. You’ll probably feel somewhat impartial about #7-9 and then, WHAM, you see #10 and the next thing you know your socks are literally gone. But if none of that happens, you’ll at least agree that this is the longest most click-baity blog title that you’ve ever read.

The Story of the Blog Title The┬áHave any of you heard of Pat Flynn of He’s one of the...

I'm Back


I’ve been away from Small Business Stories for a couple years now. But I’m pleased to say that I’m bringing...

John Campea

John Campea’s Journey

I started listing to AMC Movie Talk in 2013 (Now Collider Movie Talk). John Campea is the man who started...


How John Paul DeJoria Started Paul Mitchell

John Paul shares his story with Stanford Graduate School of Business. You’ll hear how he started his business out of...

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