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JLD answers my question on how to Niche on Facebook live!

If you’ve followed my podcast for a while you may know that I joined John Lee Dumas’ mastermind group “Fire...

2.09: Starting a Business from a Blog — Tyson and Danielle Davis of Mom Blog School

Summary In 2013 Danielle started blogging about her experience with infertility and motherhood on her blog Today’s the Best Day....

2.08 Brooke Eliason of gained over 10,000 Instagram followers in one year and catapulted her business to success

Summary In 2010, Brooke started blogging about food and photography as a hobby.  She spent a summer going from restaurant to restaurant in...

“I want to start a business, but where do I find the time?”– A 3 Step Solution.

I recently ran a product giveaway (thank you Cotopaxi and FiberFix) and part of the entry requirements were that people...

2.07: A Contract to Myself

I wrote a contract to myself as part of a 4-day business conference with Nick Unsworth of Life on Fire. I was concerned that it was going to be a bunch of cheesy, motivational stuff for suckers. But I can honestly say that I was blown away. I learned so much about myself, life, and business. I was also able to tune-up my vision for what I'm trying to accomplish with my podcast and my life, really. So please have a listen!

2.06 Get out of Your Comfort Zone–David Faux of El Squanto Beards

David founded El Squanto Beards first out of necessity and then out of opportunity. He started growing a beard and experienced some discomfort and irritation. He was unable to find any products on the market that helped. So he made his own. Then he found that other people wanted his product too. He saw an opportunity to make a business out of it. He started with $50 and sleepless nights and now he is at a point where he can start focusing his business on the future, introducing more products, and incorporating more of his passion projects--motorcycle builds. El Squanto Beards helps you forge a better beard.

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