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John Paul shares his story with Stanford Graduate School of Business. You'll hear how he started his business out of the trunk of his car with virtually no room for error […] Read More

Flower bud

This was the headline that caught my attention in an email I got from Aweber. They interviewed a small business owner, Matt Jabs of DIY Natural, a website on making your own natural products. A list of 80,000 email subscribers is a good sized list so the headline piqued my curiosity. I was expecting some […] Read More

“If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” -Henry Ford (maybe) Photo Cred: creative commons licensed ( BY-ND ) flickr photo shared by hlseffigy […] Read More

I can't even come close to beating my sister at Boggle. That's because she knows all these random words that are only ever used in Boggle or maybe Scrabble (or Bananagrams). One such word is "Qat". Obviously this word comes in handy when you have a Q but no U. According to Merriam-Webster, Qat is […] Read More

Lessons learned

It's been one year since I started Small Business Stories. It's honestly been full of ups and downs, which I'll get to in a later post. But I've also learned a lot from spending time with real-world business owners. Here are the 3 lessons that have really stuck with me. Maybe it's because I'm a […] Read More

Mike Rowe

Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe was one of my favorite shows to watch on TV. In this video, Mr. Rowe sat down with hosted by @bryanelliott. In it, he discusses the idea of "following your passion." (starts at 8:22). From the entrepreneurs and business people featured on Dirty Jobs, he learned that you shouldn't […] Read More